Aaron Ardaiz – Working on a Batting Stance

As someone who has both played and coached baseball, Aaron Ardaiz is very passionate about the sport. He knows that when it comes to hitting, having a proper stance is key so that you can maximize the potential energy of your body and concentrate it on knocking the ball out of the park. Below are some steps you can take every time you step up to the plate, in order to better your swing.

Aaron Ardaiz

Bend Your Knees

Bending your knees is crucial to helping transfer the weight and energy in your body. When you swing the bat forward, you want to extend your legs and use your knees to push all that momentum through your torso.

Proper Positioning

Before indicating that you are ready to swing, take a look at where you are standing. You want the length of your bat to cross the plate, however you want the bulkiest part directly over the plate. With arms extended, check to make sure that you are not too close or too far from the plate, because you don’t want the ball to hit your hand, and you don’t want your swing to be so far out that the tip of the bat never travels over the plate.

Aaron Ardaiz has lots of experience with helping others improve their swings.