Aaron Ardaiz – What’s With the Injured QBs?

Aaron Ardaiz is a devoted football fan who has kept up with all the exciting this happening in the 2015 season. One of the biggest topics discussed this season is the prevalence of injured players, including the player that teammates should probably protect the most: the quarterback. This year, there have been numerous downed QBs this year, some of which have yet to recover. Below are some of those QBs.

Aaron Ardaiz

Peyton Manning

The legendary Denver Broncos quarterback, who is undoubtedly facing a looming retirement, has not had the best year of his career; and some officials speculate as to how long he had been playing with the injured foot that inevitably rendered him immobile in the latter half of the season.

Andy Dalton

Another quarterback with a team that had an 8-0 start, Andy Dalton and his Cincinnati Bengals have lost momentum after Dalton suffered a broken thumb in the late season. Now, the team’s Division Title seems farther from reach; and a late-season meet with the Broncos could make or break the deal.

Meanwhile, Aaron Ardaiz’s Arizona Cardinals not only have a healthy quarterback, but Carson Palmer is having one of the best seasons of his career with a clinched Division Title.