Aaron Ardaiz – Different Types of Water Sports

Aaron Ardaiz loves to be on the water with friends. As a resident of Arizona, he escapes the summer heat by going to a local body of water to engage in all of his favorite watersport activities, where he can get quality physical exercise outdoors without overheating. Below are some of the water activities he like to enjoy.

Aaron Ardaiz

As someone who has snowboarded most of his life, Aaron Ardaiz loves to wakeboard. He has a natural feel for the sport and can ride the wake with grace. In wakeboarding, a rider straps his or her feet to a board and then can stand up with one foot facing forward, much like you would do on a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.

Water Skiing
Much like the name implies, water skiing is much like the water version of the popular snow sport, where you are pulled behind a boat rather than gliding down a mountain. The rider stands on two skis strapped to his or her feet, and can use those skis to navigate in and out of the wake.

Aaron Ardaiz loves to go water skiing, wakeboarding, and more. He loves being on a boat because of the many option you can have for fun.