Aaron Ardaiz – How to Become a Professional Welder

Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder after attending Linn Benton Community College in his hometown of Albany, Oregon. With a degree in Machine Tool Technology, a multitude of employment options became open to him. He got a job with the National Welding Corporation, working on many different pipe welding projects throughout the United States. As he became more experienced, he started getting job offers from companies looking for professional and skilled welders throughout the country. He ended up in Peoria, Arizona working for All Things Metal in the community there.

Aaron Fishing

Aaron Fishing

Throughout the United States, there are many different ways that you can become a professional welder like Aaron Ardaiz. Depending on the level of training, experience, and specialization that you possess, you can earn between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. Most would-be welders, like Aaron Ardaiz, attend welding school to pick up the skills and experience they need to land a job in the industry. There are many welding schools throughout the United States, as well as many community colleges like Linn Benton that offer degrees in Machine Tool Technology. While certification requirements for welders vary from state to state, earning a certification in a certain kind of welding can help you find a job and earn more. Many welding schools offer certification programs in addition to their welding courses.

Aaron Ardaiz got his start with the National Welding Corporation, a job he relished because he got to travel the country doing what he loved for a living. He loves his current position as a welder for All Things Metal in Peoria.