Aaron Ardaiz – Certified Pipe Welder

To Aaron Ardaiz, earning his pipe welder certifications was the turning point of his career. Leaving Linn Benton Community College in Albany to pursue full-time work, he quickly used his education and his Associate’s degree in Machine Tool Technology to earn 3G, 4G, and 6G pipe welding certifications. These certifications helped him get a job with the prestigious National Welding Company, which sent him throughout the United States to help repair and complete pipe welding jobs. Ardaiz became proficient at working on groove welding pipe jobs in a variety of settings and eventually got him his job with All Things Metal, a metal fabrication and supply company in Phoenix, Arizona, near where he now lives.

Aaron Ardaiz

Aaron Ardaiz earned three different pipe worker certifications so that he could complete jobs and help crews stay on-budget. 3G, 4G, and 6G certifications mean that Aaron Ardaiz can work on pipe groove welding jobs when the pipes are in different positions, from vertical to overhead to at a 45-degree angle. These certifications prove that Aaron Ardaiz is capable of working in almost any environment on almost any type of pipe to properly weld the material. Ardaiz still works with pipes in his welding work, but he now mostly uses his skills to assist All Things Metal supply businesses and individuals in the Phoenix area get the metal products and support structures they need.

Aaron Ardaiz uses his certifications to prove that he can work on a multitude of different projects, something that helped him greatly over the course of his pipe welding career.