Aaron Ardaiz – Three Ways to Increase Family Time

Aaron Ardaiz, a highly qualified welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that putting in the effort to increase family time has numerous benefits for everyone involved that will deepen and improve family relationships. With a busy work schedule, he knows that it can be difficult to find enough time in the week, though there are numerous methods that will ensure that you find the time, such as the following:

Aaron Ardaiz

Aaron Ardaiz

  • Build in family time each week. No matter what your family situation is, taking the time to decide upon a weekly game night or a Saturday night phone call can make all the difference. If it becomes a normal part of your schedule, it won’t be necessary to think about finding time.
  • Go on adventures together regularly, whether that means a vacation to Hawaii or a hike in the woods across the street. Taking the opportunity to get out of the house and experience new sights allows family members to bond through the process. Situations that allow families to work through problems together, such as navigating a trail in the woods, develops new skills that benefit everyone.
  • Partake in the necessary daily activities together, such as cooking and cleaning. Making these tasks a normal part of family time makes chores more fun while allowing children to develop new skills by watching and learning.

Aaron Ardaiz lives in Peoria, Arizona. He is always looking for ways to deepen his relationships with his friends and family. He enjoys fishing, hiking, baseball, and golf in his free time.


Aaron Ardaiz – Three Tips for Having a Great Fishing Trip

Fishing is a sport that requires experience and patience. Aaron Ardaiz loves fishing whenever he has free time. He once went on a week-long Alaskan fishing trip with his stepfather. He enjoys the challenges of fishing and has spent years developing his skills as a fisherman. If you are interested in this sport as well, there are several things you can do to ensure that you have a great fishing trip.

Aaron Ardaiz


If you are planning a fishing trip, it is important that you do your research. You should look into the seasonal changes of different fishing spots. This can help you determine which areas have the most fish, and which areas have the type of fish you want to catch.

Another tip for planning a great fishing trip is to make sure that you bring the correct equipment. While you are researching the area, you should focus on which fish will be present. This will help you determine what type of bait you should bring. It could also help you determine which lures you should use.

A third tip for having a fantastic fishing trip is to choose the right company. Fishing requires patients and you may spend a lot of time waiting for a fish to bite. You should go with a person who you can spend multiple hours with. You will have a great trip if you can enjoy the company. Aaron Ardaiz is a successful welder who takes every opportunity to plan a fishing trip with his friends and family.


Aaron Ardaiz – How to Be a Better Welder

Aaron Ardaiz has built a reputation as an experienced pipe welder. Welding is a skill that many do not have. It has been difficult over the years for companies in need of welders to secure qualified and experienced professionals in the field. Even then some welders simply do not perform in a way that their credentials would suggest. Genuinely skilled welders are likely to move up quickly though, as they are rare. So here are a few tips to help you become a better welder:

Aaron Ardaiz

Make Safety a Priority. Don’t roll your eyes. You aren’t any good to anyone if you get injured on the job. It is important to cover your skin to stop exposure to ultraviolet light. It is also important to always use a hood as extra protection against cancer-causing ultraviolet light.

Proper Mechanics. This is a part of welding that simply takes time. You have to learn how to relax your hand and check the puddle. Knowing the proper temperature, speed, and angle on each kind of metal is a matter of experience.

Study. You should also learn the basics of metallurgy, so you know what is happening to the metal you are welding. Learning to read blueprints for the shop and field would not be a bad idea either. It will make you understand your job better and be more versatile. Becoming a better welder is a life-long process, so always be sure to learn something new every day.

Aaron Ardaiz takes his career in welding seriously. He works hard to ensure that he improves a little and learns something every day.

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Aaron Ardaiz – Tips for Starting Snowboarders

Aaron Ardaiz is not just a professional welder, but an adventurer withy many unique hobbies. One thing he enjoys doing in his off time is snowboarding. Snowboarding is a great way to get some exercise, connect with nature, and improve hand-eye coordination. The trouble is that snowboarding can be difficult to pick up, especially for full-grown adults who no longer learn as quickly as they did when they were children. Thankfully there are a few ways to accelerate this learning process, and a few are listed here:


  • Protective Gear. While you may think that protective snowboarding gear is just for safety purposes, that is not the case. That is because falling while learning to snowboard is inevitable, so investing in some padding and wrist guards will cushion your fall and make you less hesitant to learn.
  • Fresh Powder. A common mistake new snowboarders make is that they tend to follow in other snowboarder’s tracks in the snow. While this can be helpful in the early stages of learning, carving out your own path on fresh powder is the best way to learn how to quickly adapt to terrain.
  • Visualize It. This is an important step. Planning out your route will help you execute it better. Come up with the motions in your mind and don’t hesitate.

Aaron Ardaiz is a snowboarding enthusiast who enjoys carving up the mountainside when he gets the chance. He is a man with an adventurous spirit that doesn’t shy away from new and exciting experiences in life.

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Aaron Ardaiz – How to Become a Welder

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional welder who has been working in the trade for many years. Welding is a valuable skill because if engineers design the world, it is welders who builds it.

Welding is a unique skill because it has many real-world applications. A welder can work in a diverse amount of fields, ranging from construction, to car racing, manufacturing, and more. Welding is also a very accessible trade, meaning it does not require extensive schooling. You can develop the necessary welding skills at a vocational school, or get on-the-job training.

The first step towards becoming a welder is to consider whether the job is a fit for you. Welders typically have very physically and mentally demanding work. A welder has to have good eye coordination and strong focus. That is because welding often entails hours of repetitive work that needs to be done with precision. So those with a short attention span or shaky hands may not be the best fit for welding. The ability to focus is also quite important because the profession of welding often carries many hazards with it. A welder is regularly around hot metals, combustible gases, and noxious fumes, so caution is essential.

Aaron Ardaiz

Aaron Ardaiz

If you have decided that welding is the right job for you, there are not many steps to becoming one. If you do not possess any welding experience or certifications, you should start looking for a local training program. Community colleges usually have a welding program, along with many other adult vocational classes. Groups such as the American Welding Society (AWS) even offer scholarships through unions and other organizations.

The next step to becoming a welder is to get some hands-on experience. Welding is a vocational skill, something that can’t really be taught by a book. While studying the chemistry and discipline of welding is useful, the physical practice of it has to be learned through experience and repetition. If you cannot get a welding job due to lack of experience, there are many companies that offer apprenticeship programs. This means you will get experience doing entry-level welding work.

Welding is a skill that is in high demand, and has few experienced tradesmen. Landing a reliable welding job is typically easier than other trades. Three years of an apprenticeship program will also rise you to the rank of journeyman, which makes landing a reliable job even easier.

Aaron Ardaiz and other welders make up a valuable part of the workforce. That is because welders have unique skills with metallurgy that are necessary to create many of the structures, vehicles, and equipment that we all take for granted daily. Welding is a field with high job security that is relatively easy to break into, even for an amateur.

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Aaron Ardaiz – How To Improve Your Customer Service Skills

While providing good customer service is important in the construction and welding industries, Aaron Ardaiz notes that many professionals don’t necessarily possess the tools to communicate effectively with their clients. This means that they must work on improving their customer service skills, using all of the following techniques.

Aaron Ardaiz

Focus On Solving Problems

Many of your interactions with a client can be solved by listening to the issue that they have and then looking for a way to solve it. Many people make the mistake of arguing with clients, which only leads to more frustration and the potential breakdown of the relationship. Instead, always listen to your clients and never interrupt what they have to say.

Establish Relationships

You should never look at your client as just a business contact. Instead, make an effort to establish a relationship with them on both a professional and personal level. This allows for the creation of a bond and the formation of trust that will prove vital in your future interactions with the client. Be upfront about the service you offer and what you do and you will find that clients are more willing to speak to you as a person, rather than a contracted worker.

Improve Your Knowledge

Your clients will be looking to you as an expert on the subject if they hire you for a project, so Aaron Ardaiz recommends always working to improve your knowledge base. While you can’t guarantee that you will be able to answer all questions, if you keep struggling to provide solutions to problems your clients may start to look elsewhere.

Aaron Ardaiz – Certified Pipe Welder

To Aaron Ardaiz, earning his pipe welder certifications was the turning point of his career. Leaving Linn Benton Community College in Albany to pursue full-time work, he quickly used his education and his Associate’s degree in Machine Tool Technology to earn 3G, 4G, and 6G pipe welding certifications. These certifications helped him get a job with the prestigious National Welding Company, which sent him throughout the United States to help repair and complete pipe welding jobs. Ardaiz became proficient at working on groove welding pipe jobs in a variety of settings and eventually got him his job with All Things Metal, a metal fabrication and supply company in Phoenix, Arizona, near where he now lives.

Aaron Ardaiz

Aaron Ardaiz earned three different pipe worker certifications so that he could complete jobs and help crews stay on-budget. 3G, 4G, and 6G certifications mean that Aaron Ardaiz can work on pipe groove welding jobs when the pipes are in different positions, from vertical to overhead to at a 45-degree angle. These certifications prove that Aaron Ardaiz is capable of working in almost any environment on almost any type of pipe to properly weld the material. Ardaiz still works with pipes in his welding work, but he now mostly uses his skills to assist All Things Metal supply businesses and individuals in the Phoenix area get the metal products and support structures they need.

Aaron Ardaiz uses his certifications to prove that he can work on a multitude of different projects, something that helped him greatly over the course of his pipe welding career.